Beer Color Swatches by Alexander Michelbach & Daniel Eugster

Alexander Michelbach & Daniel Eugster Presents The Beertone Beer Color Swatches

Alexander Michelbach & Daniel Eugster, the maker of the award winning work Alexander Michelbach & Daniel Eugster's Beertone Beer Color Swatches points out, Beertone is the first Beer Reference Guide based on the different beer colors, pr <Cropped>

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Mosaic Fantasy by Evgeniya Naumova

Evgeniya Naumova Illustrates The Mosaic Fantasy Tippets and Headscarfs

Evgeniya Naumova, the author of the awarded work Mosaic Fantasy - tippets and headscarfs by Evgeniya Naumova explicates, The objective was to create a unique thing which will be able to emphasize an individual stile of its owner. Motives was meticu <Cropped>

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Cool Wool-Socks by Julia Chernenko

Julia Chernenko Portrays The Cool Wool Socks

Julia Chernenko, the creator of the displayed project Cool Wool by Julia Chernenko says, The designer developed a form of packaging for retail sails of socks, a mailing tape for standard postal parcels suitable for any clothes for sending by mail and <Cropped>

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Design Story-An Online Photo Video Competition

Design Story-An Online Photo Video Competition Is Too Examine The World Around You and Submit An Entry Where You Can See a Design Story or a Solution

Design story-an online photo video competition is too examine the world around you and submit an entry where you can see a design story or a solution.

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Award Winning Song's Club Club

Yongcai Huang Shows The Song's Club Club

Yongcai Huang, the project leader of the displayed work Award Winning Song's Club Club illustrates, The design of Song's club is inspired by the spacial quality from the Chinese traditional landscape painting. We used the 'gable walls <Cropped>

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Postural Support Device:flx Ergoskeleton by Strong Arm Technologies, Inc

Strong Arm Technologies, Inc. Designs The Flx Ergoskeleton Postural Support Device

Strong Arm Technologies, Inc., the project leader of the award winning design FLx ErgoSkeleton by Strong Arm Technologies, Inc. explicates, Strong Arm Technologies Inc. creates products that help protect the active workers of the world, known as In <Cropped>

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By Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Reveals The Design #59894

The lead designer of the displayed design - by Acclaimed Designer spells out, .

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American International School of Gz-School by Vantree Design and Pearl River Design

Vantree Design and Pearl River Design Portrays The American International School of Gz School

Vantree Design and Pearl River Design, the creator of the awarded design SCHOOL:American International School of GZ by Vantree Design and Pearl River Design explains, The design project of AISG includes the renovation of 499 halls, music rooms, artis <Cropped>

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Return to Rusticity by Chu-Hsin Tsai

Chu-Hsin Tsai Reveals The Return to Rusticity Office

Chu-Hsin Tsai, the lead designer of the displayed design Chu-Hsin Tsai's Return to Rusticity Office illustrates, This project is a lawyer office. Warm and unsophisticated. To disrupt the lawyer stereotype of sharp and cool, Wood is used majorly <Cropped>

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Georgian Brandy Series:stariy Kaheti by Valerii Sumilov

Valerii Sumilov Shows The Stariy Kaheti Georgian Brandy Series

Valerii Sumilov, the creative mind behind the awarded work Valerii Sumilov's STARIY KAHETI Georgian brandy series illustrates, The most unique thing about this project is the rich history of the trademark in question, which should have been tak <Cropped>

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